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Name          : Automation technologies Co.,Ltd.

Established : Jan. 3  1980

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Address      : Head office       : 13fl  Manhattan bldg, 36-2 Yoido-dong

                                              Yeongdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, Korea 150-749

                    Kimpo factory 1 : 247-4 seokjeongni, Daegot myun, Gimpo City

                                              Gyunggi-do, Korea  415-835

Business type : Manufacturer of Control products


    Location   :  247-4 seokjeongni, Daegot myun, Gimpo City,Gyunggi-do, Korea  415-835

    Land area :  6,600 sqm

    Floor area :  3,300sqm

    Power       : 450KW   


   Kimpo factory 1   


    Main business

   We are one of the leading manufacture and supplier of the control system and together with control devices in the field of environmental comfort control for the enhancement of human life in living area and also in the industrial sector in Republic of Korea

     We provide products, design, engineering, installation ,commissioning and also planned service[Ps] to the users.

*  Part of synchronous motor production line


   Technical background  


      In early stage of  1978  we had technical collaboration with a Swiss firm Landis & Gyr Zug Corp. for the sales and  services. And in 1980  we both agreed for localizing control products starting control valves, valve actuators, radiator valves, sensors for local market and alos covering south east asian territories.   


      Due to the absorbtion of above group by Siemens we took choice for standalone under the assistance of Korean National Research Institute of Machine and Metals in Science estage.

*   Production line of damper actuators for  Seoul metro subway corporation


       We insist on technical  improovement  and manufacturing all parts and  assemly shall be done in Korea to keep

constant and uniform high standard quality.

*   Production line of  revolving actuators for ventilating fans for garage



   Also, since 1978 we are representing SAIA- Burgess Electronics (SBE),the leading manufacture of industrial components such as, preceision snap action switches, synchronous motors, stepper motors, timer counters, high level PLCs.  

  Remote monitoring  service

    In 2003 we are operating remote monitoring and control service via internet network [ControlGate] for our clients in

throughout the nation.


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