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We cover following business area !

       We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of various control products and devices for automation and comfort controls from industrial to commercial and large scale housing complexes to meet the utmost updated technologies to  with Ubequatus ira.   We design, produce ,install, commission and after sale services in our own account.  We do the entire job in turnkey.



     In 1978 we had a technical collaboration agreement for developing building automation system and comm- ercial control and combustion control markets  in Korea and far east asian territories. Thus we began to produce small thermstatic radiator valves for floor heating system of Korea traditional OnDoll.


     Together with such heating control and  launching BAS  we start to sell Industrial components of SAIA andB Burgess the affillates of  Landis & Gyr Zug Corp.


      Since Siemens aborbed  L/G group we are standalone to keep up the business  assisted by Korean National Research Institure of Machine and Metals in Science estate..



¡ßSupervisory system


¡ßCombustion controls

¡ßRefrigeration controls


¡ßControl valves

¡ßValve actuators

¡ßDamper actuators

¡ßMultipurpose actuators

¡ßTerminal valves

¡ßBalancing valves

¡ßStop valves

¡ßHeat dist-manifold



¡ßFMS(Factory automation)

¡ßEMS(Electricity management)

¡ßBMS(Building management)

¡ßIBS(Intelligent building control)

¡ßHMS(Hotel management)

¡ßTMS(Tunnel management)

¡ßBCS(Bridge controls)

¡ßEQMS(Earthquake controls)




¡ßVairous pumps


¡ßSynchro/stepping Motors

¡ßMicro swiitches

¡ßIndustrial components

¡ßAutomobile components

¡ßVarious control parts



¡ßIndustrial design

¡ßCommercial design

¡ßPart design/CAD

¡ßPart Modelling/3D







 Machine maker

¡ßPressure pump system

¡ßValve test equipment

¡ßHydro pressre test equip.

¡ßConstant temp. chamber

¡ßAuto- expansion tanks

¡ßPressure tester

¡ßFlow testing equipment

¡ßFunction test equipment

¡ßPLC base machine pannel



¡ßMechanical installation

¡ßBoiler plants

¡ßHeat exchanger

¡ßWater treatment

¡ßCo-gen power plants

¡ßGas supply system

¡ßCity water supply system

¡ßWaste water treatment

Construction -Electrical

¡ßPower receive qubicles

¡ßDistribution panel

¡ßPump station panel

¡ßInverter control panel

¡ßDDC/PLC panel


Planded Service

¡ßSystem maintenance

¡ßEquipment repair

¡ßUtilty repair

¡ßValve repair

¡ßActuator repair

¡ßMachine repair

¡ßElectrical  equip. repair


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